This was a tough theme…I struggled to find something all year that would make a good quality photograph. Finally, as our year for the 52 Week Challenge draws to a close, I have to go with IGGY!..whose story is more interesting than this photo (sic).
During a side court match at the Miami Open in March, between one of my favorite players, German Tommy Haas and Czech Jiri Vesely, an unexpected intruder made his way on to the court. First this critter appeared sitting on the scoreboard…he had the best seat in the house! This prompted Tommy a veteran of the tour who has seen just about everything on a tennis court, to calmly and humorously take a selfie with it. Of course this scene made the highlight reel of the day’s matches and you can still Google it. The lizard even got its own Twitter feed as Iggy. Alas, as poor Iggy ran across the court, he was captured by a security guard who put him in a trash pail and ended his 15 minutes of fame. I have never seen these large iguanas in the Sarasota area but they are quite common in the Keys and this one was enjoying Key Biscayne. Ah Florida….where the bugs are as big as birds!! Ya have to love our wildlife.

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4 Responses to 26 PROHIBITED

  1. Good choice for the theme. Congratulations.

  2. tnwaltz says:

    Wonderful story to go along with the photo, Judy.

  3. This is a unique find for the theme for sure! Way to go Judy!

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