A2 Mono

This infamous tree at Selby was just what I wanted for the Mono theme.

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46. The Color Purple

Another Selby Orchid Arrangement with some adjustment from my imagination

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43. Starts with “O”

A visit to Selby always starts with a visit to the hothouse and the Orchids.

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The ball park resize frame signature.
Baltimore Orioles Spring Training Game

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This spring we enjoyed an outing to see a Baltimore Orioles spring training game. Lots of action both on the field and in the stands. Watch out!!

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Every March for the last 20 years we have made the trek to Key Biscayne to a Masters 1000 Tennis Event. We shared our trips with good tennis friends, navigating buses, taxis and that “lovely” Miami car traffic, but we always enjoyed this spring fling. Over the years, this tournament was known as “The Lipton”, the “Sony-Ericcson” to name a few for the diehard tennis fans out there! It was held at the Crandon Park Tennis Center on the Key. It use to be fun and relatively simple to enjoy real live tennis in a beautiful tropical setting. But the event has outgrown Key Biscayne and it is no longer a relaxing trip as you fight the logistics of getting to the stadium, not to mention, pricey hotel rates and $7.50-Lemonades! Now known as the Miami Open, the 2019 Miami Open will be held at the Hard Rock Stadium, part of the Dophins complex, in Miami.
So from where we stood, this was the last thing we would see as we exited Crandon Park Tennis Complex. It was nice while it lasted but like all good things, it will come to an end for us. Next year, the view from where I stand will be in my living room, flipping the channel (who says that anymore?) to enjoy the Miami Open on the Tennis Channel. .

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If you live in Florida, this is a no brainer for this theme!! Shot at St Augustine Alligator Farm where you can see more alligators in one day than you will ever see in a lifetime.

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As time goes by, the often photographed fishing shack off the shore near the Starfish Company in Cortez Village changes with the whims of the weather. Each time we visit, it (like the rest of us) shows its age.
On our last visit, which was pre-empted by hurricane Irma, we saw considerable changes to this local,iconic landmark. Well at least it is still standing.

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Well this photograph has a different meaning for this theme as we get older. Are we ready to be outside looking in at the youthful world around us??? That is a question for all ages.

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These rare white pelicans were spotted swimming around in the bay by Cortez Village a few weeks ago, obviously looking for some stray pieces of fish from the catches of the local fisherman. We were dining on the pier and the waiter told us these birds were nesting here; getting ready for their final migration to their winter home in SOUTH AMERICA!! Egads, imagine flying (and not on an airplane) by wing from Florida to South America??? Well cross that one off my bucket list!
Anyway, I thought these two made an interesting design of two Z’s. (It’s a stretch but that’s what I saw!)

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