If you live in Florida, this is a no brainer for this theme!! Shot at St Augustine Alligator Farm where you can see more alligators in one day than you will ever see in a lifetime.

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As time goes by, the often photographed fishing shack off the shore near the Starfish Company in Cortez Village changes with the whims of the weather. Each time we visit, it (like the rest of us) shows its age.
On our last visit, which was pre-empted by hurricane Irma, we saw considerable changes to this local,iconic landmark. Well at least it is still standing.

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Well this photograph has a different meaning for this theme as we get older. Are we ready to be outside looking in at the youthful world around us??? That is a question for all ages.

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These rare white pelicans were spotted swimming around in the bay by Cortez Village a few weeks ago, obviously looking for some stray pieces of fish from the catches of the local fisherman. We were dining on the pier and the waiter told us these birds were nesting here; getting ready for their final migration to their winter home in SOUTH AMERICA!! Egads, imagine flying (and not on an airplane) by wing from Florida to South America??? Well cross that one off my bucket list!
Anyway, I thought these two made an interesting design of two Z’s. (It’s a stretch but that’s what I saw!)

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On a dreary, rainy day like today, I like to think back to the warm, sunny days of summer at the beach. A collection of shells found at the beach by youngsters seeking out sea treasures made a balanced still life.

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One of my favorite places to visit in November is Orban’s Nursery in West Bradenton. The Saturday after Thanksgiving they open to the public and there are rows and rows and rows of beautiful, colorful poinsettias, just in time to welcome the holiday season.

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I think this beauty would be saying: “Look at me I am beautiful!”.

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While strolling down this quiet downtown in Sebastian Florida, I came upon a charming restaurant. It was patiently waiting for dinner time and a bit of shade so that it could provide a delightful spot for its patrons to share a drink, chat with friends and sample some local cuisine.

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It was the reason we moved to Sarasota 27 years ago. After spending a week’s vacation at the Colony Beach and Tennis Club on Long Boat Key, we thought, YES, we could live like this. And the rest, as they say, is history. In its heyday it was a vacation paradise, featuring a 5 star restaurant, golden beachfront property on the quiet Gulf of Mexico with shaded tennis courts outside of every door. It was, at the time, featured in Tennis magazine as one of THE places for a perfect tennis vacation. When it fell on hard times, due to management and owner squabbles that could not be resolved, this once lovely resort was abandoned; a weed infested, deserted mess whose only residents are the skimmers who nest along its empty shores. The entrance way, once a tree lined path to fun and games along the Gulf of Mexico, is closed with a not so glamorous chain link fence. Strangely, the aging guard house still bears the warning …”Guard on duty please stop!” ?? Perhaps it should say “Abandon hope all ye who enter here.” Sad!

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These spoonbills were busy searching for snacks on the edge of the bay at dusk.

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